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Cover Undereye CIRCLES - Makeup for Undereye DARKNESS - Makeup for dark circles

Choosing the best under eye concealer is essential.  We're here to help you find the best concealer. Loved by makeup artist, our concealers were designed to cover and brighten simple to serious under-eye circles and darkness.  Concealers were not made equally.  That's why we've formulated multiple concealers to help you find the best coverage.  Judith's own under eye problems inspired this 28 year business in corrective cosmetics. 

Below, you will find our keystone product, The Everything Pencil - Face & Body Concealer.  Using a concealer pencil is great because it's easy to apply with precision.  These pencils are best for covering minor under eye circles and darkness.   If you have severe dark under eye cirlces, try a salmon (peachy/pink) concealer like Orange Masking Creme.  This concealer will neutralize the bluish/grayish hues associated with extreme under-eye darkness.  If you have reddish/purple under eyes, you need a yellow/beige concealer, like our Special Care Cover.  If you have fair/light skin and need to cover redness, try using a color corrector under your foundation like Aquatint.  Still unsure on what to use?  Let us know your under eye issues by emailing us.

The Everything Pencil™ 
Face and Body Concealer

The Everything Pencil

Best cover up for minor under eye circles and darkness.

Six Corrective Colors used alone or mixed to create your perfect shade.


Orange Masking Crème 
Concealer for Dark Under Eyes

Orange Masking Creme - best undereye concealer

Cover up major under eye darkness with this three part concealer.  This peach, pink, yellow concealer is designed to neutralize bluish, grayish, and brownish under eye circles.

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Concealer & Corrector for Redness

Aqua Tint - redness concealer

Cancels and brightens red allergy eyes or very dark circles. Best for very fair toned skin.


Special Care Cover 
 Concealer for Sensitive Skin

Special Care Cover - concealer for rosacea

To neutralize reddish or purple under-eye circles, choose a yellow-beige neutralizing tint such as Special Care Cover.

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