Judith's Tip: 60 Second Rule for a Fabulous Finish

03/31/2010, posted by: , under: Concealer Tips

Judith’s 60 Second Rule:  Wait a full 60 seconds for your skin to absorb moisturizer, makeup, sunscreen or foundation, and pause after each new layer of concealer or neutralizer. This will help create a longer lasting and polished finish. My customers love this technique and the polished results when they use my Fabulous Finish™.



Thanks for Great 60 Second Tips
Dear Shelby, I am so glad that my 60 Second Tips have helped you and that you have found that Fabulous Finish has been helpful to you in covering your acne. I understand the frustration acne and blemishes create for all who just want a clear and lovely complexion. I am glad that you are finding that Fabulous Finish helps give that effect. Rememember to keep to a good daily skin washing and nurturing regimen! Please keep in touch and many thanks... Always, Judith
(April 25, 2010 ~ 12:28 PM)
By Judith August

Thanks for Great 60 Second Tips
Judith- Thank you so much. I love using your FABULOUS FINISH FOUNDATION beacuse it is a camouflage makeup that has helped me conceal my acne in a smooth natural manner. Thank you for helping me put it on in such an easy way.
(April 22, 2010 ~ 7:17 PM)
By Shelby
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The Best Tattoo Cover Up!

06/08/2015, posted by: JUDITH AUGUST, under: Tattoos

Studies show that at least 10 million Americans, today, have at least one tattoo and 50% of those who did it, want to get rid of it! This is where the art of corrective and camouflage cosmetics come in. Judith August, a pioneer in the field, and creator of Judith August Cosmetic Solutions, notes that sales of her “heavy duty” concealer called Killer Cover has soared in the past few years.

The Power of Multitasking

04/23/2015, posted by: Guest Blogger - Robin Laub, under: Concealer

robin laub 2
As a life stylist, it’s my job to juggle many different projects in one day. I might be working with a client on her wardrobe for a few hours and then I’ll need to dash home to complete a client’s shadowbox project and then jump on a phone call to discuss an upcoming birthday event. Whatever it is, I’m a master at juggling multiple tasks!

Why was I chosen to be the one with impossible dark and red under-eyes!

02/20/2015, posted by: Susan Haller, under: Eye circles

I’m running around in circles trying to cover up my very dark circles. Not only dark, but during allergy season, red irritation comes through and I’m a mess!

Invisible Threads

10/31/2014, posted by: , under:

Since I founded Judith August Cosmetic almost 30 years ago, women from all over the world have reach out to let me know how they have been affected by their own cosmetic challenges. Some simply want to improve their appearance by camouflaging minor flaws like under eye circles and fine lines, while others are affected by greater challenges such as birthmarks and roseaca or the after effects of cosmetic surgery bruising, and of course tattoos and makeup!

How to hide Post Surgical Scars Beautifully and A Tale of the Most Amazing Breast Reconstruction Surgery Few Women Know About

08/25/2014, posted by: Judith August, under: Cosmetic surgery

Camouflage Cosmetics and Concealers have always been a blessing for women who have undergone facial and cosmetic surgeries. It’s wonderful to be able to hide every sign of scarring until things fade beautifully on their own. But what’s even more gratifying for me personally, is to hear stories of women who have benefited from my products after serious, non-elective surgeries.

7 Beauty Routines We Don’t Recommend

06/26/2014, posted by: , under:

Discovering unique beauty secrets that work magic for you is one of the nicer aspects of being a woman. I, like many of many us especially love finding simple beauty routines that involve natural, everyday ingredients. But, I have to say, some beauty tricks my friends have shared with me over the years seem to border on the bizarre.

How to Have Flawless Legs: Say Goodbye to Spider Veins!

06/07/2014, posted by: , under: Legs

Summer will be here before you know it, and that means flirty sundresses and a lot more skin on display, especially legs. Every year at this time, I start worrying whether my legs are worse than the year before. Are they too pasty? Did a tiny crop of spider veins appear over the winter?

Facial Exfoliation: Too Much of a Good Thing?

05/09/2014, posted by: , under: Face

Many dermatologists recommend that you gently exfoliate no more than once or twice a week. Why? The top “horny” layer of your skin does have useful functions. One of them is protecting the fresh skin below from harmful UV rays. In addition, rough and frequent exfoliation can damage the newer skin cells. Sometimes it takes awhile to find the right exfoliating products (and frequency of use) that will be best for your own skin

Top Ten Tips for a Gorgeous “Selfie”

04/07/2014, posted by: , under: Concealer Tips

Hate how you look in “selfies?” Don’t panic. We’ve discovered ten expert tips for taking a great selfie. In fact, we’ve got the inside scoop on how to look absolutely stunning in your smartphone photos. After all, our mission at Judith August Cosmetics is to help you put your best face forward in every situation. It’s all about knowing the right techniques.

The Kindness of Strangers

02/20/2014, posted by: Judith August, under: Inspiration

the kindness of strangers
“I have always depended on the kindness of strangers” ~ Blanche DuBois ~ Streetcar Named Desire

Meet Your Anti-Wrinkle Angels!

02/02/2014, posted by: , under: Aging

What skin issue bothers you the most? The polls are in and a majority of you said WRINKLES!

Women Who Inspire: Camille Duskin, Gateway Arts Foundation

01/07/2014, posted by: Judith August, under: Rosacea

This month's Women Who Inspire includes Camille Duskin an advocate of The Gateway Arts Foundation.

Happy Holidays - Woof, Woof!

12/21/2013, posted by: Judith August Cosmetics, under: Inspiration

Celebrating the holidays with our pets.


11/25/2013, posted by: SUSAN HALLER, under:

As Americans, Thanksgiving is our day to pay homage to the wonderful life we lead. We travel miles to find home. We hug and hold the people that we dearly miss and we feed complete strangers because we have more than enough to share. In line at Best Buy or the soup kitchen or in our private homes, personal pilgrimage allows us all to journey to the shrine of friends and family, TV’s and new memories for the very best reasons of all… the sentimental ones.

Glossary: So Many Foundations, Concealers and Neutralizers Oh My!

11/15/2013, posted by: Judith August, under: Concealer Tips

Did you know? “Foundations” are the foundation of the cosmetic market? With 20 billion dollars in worldwide sales in 2011, and continued growth, foundations appear to be one of the strategic products for cosmetic brands. This choice is not to be neglected or taken lightly. As Women, we need to take our time and test several products to decide which one will suit our body chemistry and skin type.

The O Word

10/28/2013, posted by: Judith August, under: Aging

The O Word
It was my birthday last month and my darling friends took me for lunch and as we are all “living” in the second half of our century, we boo-hoo’ed all the hateful words associated with the word old…”Older, is a much better word than the word old”, I said, “There is a marked difference in intent and attitude.”

Survey Questions and Answers

10/09/2013, posted by: Judith August, under: Survey

Upham Hotel
We were asked: Q. What are some new products I can look forward to? A MAKE IT STAY Makeup Spray will be here in a couple of months. This will be a spray to make the makeup last longer without smudging. This will best be used with the Killer Cover. We are working on a self-adjusting foundation like you’ve never seen before along with a basic Face Primer that really works!

Thank you for taking our survey, we love you too!

09/19/2013, posted by: Judith August, under: Survey

aida grey
A big THANK YOU! To all of you who participated in the Judith August Cosmetic Solutions survey. The positive feedback was valuable and the suggestions we take very seriously.

Back to School: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

08/29/2013, posted by: Judith August, under: Products

When was the last time you took your children- or-grandchildren “Back to School” Supply Shopping? Well, the only pencil I have thought about for many years are The Everything Pencil™- Face and Body Concealer and its sister, The Erasezit™ Antiseptic Concealer.

Top 5 Products in My Makeup Bag

08/11/2013, posted by: Judith August, under: Concealer

Back in “the day” you could find at least five lipsticks, six eye shadows, several lip and eye pencils, mascara, eyelash curler, lip balms, brow color, brow wax, and more in my bag! Today I can truly confess I don’t have tons of items I use on a daily basis I have simplified!!!

Women Who Inspire

07/11/2013, posted by: , under:

tangled 2
By owning a company that specializes in camouflage cosmetics, which addresses ways to cover up and conceal any flaw, I marvel at the women who come through my website and feel pride as each inspirational tale colors my world.

Invisible Stockings™ Video

05/16/2013, posted by: , under:

Check out the new Invisible Stockings™ Video

Mother's Day

05/01/2013, posted by: , under:

It’s Mother’s Day and once again time to celebrate “Mom’s”; beautiful, nerdy, athletic, creative, overworked, powerful, simple, incredible, loving, intense, reliable, sensitive, hard core, interesting, busy moms. Many are extraordinary woman celebrating mother’s and father’s day, conquering the challenges of single handedly raising successful, wonderful, productive, well-adjusted kids. Katherine Phelps is just such a woman.

Judith August INVISIBLE STOCKINGS™ “It’s A GAM Thing!”

05/01/2013, posted by: , under:

Judith August Cosmetic Solutions took a “new spin” on this and created a ColorTint that mimics the look of silk nylons giving the illusion of silky, sexy legs along with the beautiful sheen we love. Go ahead…dress up in “INVISIBLE STOCKINGS™

A New Year, a New You: A Contest!

01/03/2013, posted by: , under:

Join this NEW YEAR contest! Tell us what your New Year beauty resolution is, and get a chance to WIN a cosmetic kit from Judith August!

New VIDEOS from Judith August Cosmetics

11/29/2012, posted by: , under:

Have you checked out what's NEW from Judith August on YouTube? You should!

Thank You Ulta & Smashbox

10/22/2012, posted by: , under: Face

You never know what's going to happen from minute to minute, especially in my life. I went to buy shampoo and guess what?!

Good-For-You Foods for a Younger You!

09/20/2012, posted by: , under: Aging

There are lots of healthy foods out there, but there are specific foods that are particularly good for your skin and body when it comes to looking and feeling younger.

Follow us on Facebook!

08/27/2012, posted by: , under: Concealer

Our Facebook page is filled with daily tips and tricks on how to apply makeup, how to stay truly beautiful, and how to use our premium line of cosmetics. Join us!


08/21/2012, posted by: , under:

There I was, visiting my daughter and my adorable grandchildren one morning, on the North Shore of Long Island when I suddenly discovered a few hours of free time. The kids were at school, the house was clean, the dishes done… what to do? What to do? Of course! My favorite “pamper past time”… a Manicure!

25 Quick Tips on Concealers, Powder and Foundation

07/26/2012, posted by: Admin, under:

We all know about concealers, but how much do we know about using them to their full advantage? These 25 quick tips are here to help you make your makeup work for you!

5 Simple Summer Makeup Tips

07/19/2012, posted by: , under:

Summer’s official kicked in, as have the climbing temperatures. This can mean horrors for our makeup regimen, especially since the summer heat brings with it a whole load of problems for your cosmetics. Be armed with the right techniques, so that your makeup this season won’t melt, but rather last.

Create Your Image!

01/17/2012, posted by: , under:

As we enter 2012, more people than ever are becoming aware of the image they project to the outside world. Sexy, intense, bold, beautiful, powerful, natural – whatever your image is, are you aware of it?

Do The Tangerine Tango

01/03/2012, posted by: , under: Eye circles

tangerine tango
Think about Gray… what happens in your brain… “ugh… gray… gray skies, gray pallor, gray ashes.” Now… think ORANGE! And not just any orange, but the newest color of the design season… “TANGERINE TANGO!” nice how just the thought brings you smiles! I love orange painted toe nails in the summer time because looking down at dancing toes brings joy to every step.

Winter Skin Care Tips

12/07/2011, posted by: , under: Products

Winter Skin Care Tips
Winter Skin Care Tips: Changes in temperature and humidity during the blustery winter months (think indoor heating, hot showers and baths) eliminate the ever-important oils and moisture from your skin, which contributes to dryness, flakiness and, in the extreme, cracking of the skin. But…just because it’s cold outside, it doesn’t mean you can’t have healthy, beautiful skin.

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

12/02/2011, posted by: , under: Eyes, Concealer Tips, Products

make up brushes
If you were to examine your make-up brushes under a microscope, you’d be quite surprised (and likely a little disturbed) by the visual. In addition to old make-up and dead skin cells, your brushes harbor pore-clogging dirt, bacteria and oils. The good news is there’s a simple, inexpensive solution!

A Time to Give Thanks

11/22/2011, posted by: , under: Inspiration

A few thoughts to share on why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Even though there is much uncertainty in the world today each and every one of us can look inward to see the everyday blessings we encounter on a daily basis. These are certainties we can count on!

Judith Sits Down with Alana Lee, Miss Nevada 2011 (Part 2)

11/18/2011, posted by: , under: Inspiration

Judith August, Founder Judith August Cosmetics, recently spent some time with Alana Lee, Miss Nevada 2011. She asked Alana about her Miss Nevada experience and how she looks so good on and off the stage. This is part two of a two-part interview.

Judith Sits Down with Alana Lee, Miss Nevada 2011 (Part 1)

11/12/2011, posted by: , under: Inspiration

Judith August, Founder Judith August Cosmetics, recently spent some time with Alana Lee, Miss Nevada 2011. She asked Alana about her Miss Nevada experience and how she looks so good on and off the stage. This is part one of a two-part interview.

Best Acne Concealer from Judith August Cosmetics

09/06/2011, posted by: , under: Products

Between You & Me… acne sucks. Whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, then acne scars? Who wants to deal with any of them. But here at JAC, we understand that everybody has something to hide, and we want you to start this school year with a fresh face.

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